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How it all started: the Bookworm

Edward Lear illustration man reading with ravens

Lost in a good book is my happy place. I was the shy kid who could regularly be found in her bedroom nose deep insideHarriet the Spy,The Hobbit, theChronicles of Narnia,Little Women, andThe Secret Garden. My younger brothers still say they don’t remember me coming out of my bedroom for like, 10 years. When I did emerge Ialways had a book with me. The moment the world didn’t require my attention I had my trusty book. 

There’s something magical about losing ourselves in a book. Our reality shifts and a new world comes to life. We are transported body, mind, and soul. I’m smiling now just thinking about how reading opened my little world to Merlin and theCrystal Cave, the gothic period mysteries of Victoria Holt, and the heart-stopping saga in Lord of the Rings.

Through the years I’ve never lost my belief that at some level,Magic is Everywhere. But we have to choose to see it. So a couple of years ago when I started working in the medium of collage I felt like I had found an outlet for all the whimsy, enchantment, and joy I have in my head from being such a voracious reader. A lover of myth and story. With collage I can make the magic real! Artworks of mystical woodlands, fantastical birds, and glorious lands are now a part of my everyday life. When I look at them I go to that place where trees can talk, animals guide us, and where we can hear the voice of Mother Earth. 

That’s why it gives me such pleasure to take my designs and print them on fabric, gifts, and accessories. Goodness knows we don’t need another tote bag. But we do need a reminder of the magic of literature and poetry, inspiring waves of wonder, solace and joy. 

I’d love to hear what you see when you look at my designs, so drop me a line!

Posted April 16, 2021

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