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Deborah Cherrin Design offers art and accessories that capture the unbridled joy and magic that surrounds us. Treasured for weaving layers of story and meaning with bold, unapologetic colors, it’s art that invites a lifetime of discovery.

In addition to original canvases, we delight in offering Deborah’s cherished works of original art to a broader audience as a line of much-sought-after accessories. Lovers of her dazzling designs can now enjoy her unique art on handbags, scarves, cards, and totes. Each piece features a digitally-captured original artwork, produced in collaboration with carefully-curated print partners.

Meet Deborah 

Artist Deborah Cherrin is happiest when her fingers are stuck together with glue and dappled with several colors. Her path in the art world began with a collage class, and she immediately fell in love.

I think all of us are inspired by the power of myth, the inherent magic of the natural world, and our spiritual connection to the Earth. I’m drawn to expressing these shared feelings of solace, wonder, and joy in my works of art.

As an eternal believer in the magic all around us, she was drawn to mixed media collage as an ideal way to portray the mystical beauty of the surrounding world. She founded Deborah Cherrin Designs (originally Wise Owl Artworks) in 2019. 

“When someone views a piece of my work, I want them to feel like a dazzling shaft of sunlight has brightened their world and awakened their imagination. I use rich, bold, and glittering colors, and I’m delighted when this resplendent palette encourages my customers to unleash their inner-boldness. My pieces reflect the enchantment of the natural environment and it's my deepest wish that it will nourish your spirit and add joy to your world.”

About the Process


Deborah Cherrin’s colorful collages begin with crafting dozens of miniature works with translucent papers, watercolor, and alcohol ink. Each of these tiny pieces of art is created with great care and attention to detail,revealing illuminated portraits of mystery and fantasy in their diminutive scale.

These paper delights are the primary elements in Deborah’s toolbox of artistic creation. Like a painter with paints, Deborah designs a canvas using these small and intricate creations. In a time-consuming process, each tiny treasure is layered on canvas by hand; only when the piece lights up Deborah’s heart is it complete.

Original canvases are sealed with an acrylic gel medium, while pieces destined to become accessories are digitally-captured using a special process that ensures the intricacies and depth of color of the original are preserved.

We thank you for joining us on our wondrous and whimsical journey!

Copyright 2020 Deborah Cherrin Design
2955 Bateson Ct., Ann Arbor MI 48105

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