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Glowing Goldfinch Artwork Genuine Sterling Silver Earrings

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Infused With Natural Magic!

To celebrate my enchanting new jewelry collection get 20% off when you buy any 2 or more pieces. Perfect for Mother's Day giving or keep as a personal talisman. Offer ends May 30.

I'm so excited to share my new collection of jewelry based on my original artwork! Bursting with inner light and magic, these earrings are handmade to order where the design is printed directly onto the metal so the reflective nature of silver comes through. Each piece comes with a heart-shaped tin gift box to match the necklace. Ethically made in London, England, and printed with eco-friendly inks. Clean with a soft cloth.

  • Sterling silver disk and hook
  • Handmade to order by expert jewelers
  • Heart-shaped gift box included
  • Silver hook wire with bead
  • Size: 0.8" disk diameter, 1" hook length

About my work: My collages begin with crafting dozens of miniature works with translucent papers, watercolor, and alcohol ink. Each of these tiny pieces of art is created with great care and attention to detail, revealing illuminated portraits of mystery and fantasy in their diminutive scale.